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Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

These are coins minted by various sovereign governments from all over the world with a face value assigned and minted on them. A couple examples would be the US $50 1oz Gold Buffalo, and the US $1 1oz American Silver Eagle.

Gold and Silver Bullion Bars and Rounds

These bars and rounds are minted by private companies and should have their content clearly marked, but have no face value assigned to them.

Foreign Paper Money

Paper currency issued by another sovereign country.

US Currency

Paper money issued by the US Treasury or the Federal Reserve depending on the dates of issue.

US Coins

Coins issued and minted by the US government.

Civil War CSA Currency

These notes were printed during the Civil War in Southern states. After the war most of these notes were redeemed for US currency. Many of the notes were then “cut out and cancelled”. It is fairly common to see these notes with notches cut in them or even sliced.

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